July 5th, 2018


Coffee and Registration


Chairs Opening Remarks: Keeping Up with Technology - Making the Student of the Future

Professor Stephen Heppell


Keynote Session: Helping Academies Make the Most of Their Budgets

Steph McCahill, Head of Schools Category Team, Department for Education

Jim Gardner, Free School Programme ICT Lead, Education and Skills Funding Agency, DfE

  • Making sure that every child and young person reaches their potential regardless of background.
  • Supporting Schools to make the most of their funding, providing advice, information and tools to help teaching leaders make the best financial decisions for their pupils.
  • Making sure that buyers in schools have the right relationships and skills
  • Making sure that Schools and their buyers are smart consumers
  • Making sure that buyers have access to the best value every time.


Using Data and Analytics to Improve Outcomes

Matt Woodruff, Data Scientist, Groupcall

Research suggests that whilst 90% of Trusts want to make better decisions based on data, at least 40% do not have sufficient technology to access and analyse data across their academies.

This session will share the experiences of a number of Trusts who have implemented processes and tools which now enable them to benefit from true data driven decision making.


Keynote Presentation: Ensuring Efficient and Effectiveness is an Innate Part of the Procurement Process and the Technology being Procured

Rob Whitehead, Category Lead, Technology Products and Services Team, Crown Commercial Service

  • Ensuring Academies have access to an independent, objective help/advice/support service for technology procurement and deployment
  • Unpicking and transforming procurement policies
  • Investing in innovation and technology
  • Making decisions on digital technology based on proper impartial advice to get the best solution and achieve real value for money


Real Examples of How MATs are Benefiting From Centralised Systems

Gareth Davies, Managing Director, Frog Education

  • Co-constructing curriculum including lessons, coursework and exemplar materials
  • Improving cross-school collaboration, communication and governance
  • Centralising policies and procedures across the MAT


Questions and Answers Session with Delegates


Coffee and Networking


Seminar Sessions A, B & C

SEMINAR A - The Parent Index: The Cost of Managing Relationships with Parents and How to Reduce them Whilst Increasing Parent Engagement

David Burgess, Director, Schoolcomms

B - Texthelp: Becoming Learner Centric Through the use of Technology

Patrick McGrath, EdTech Specialist, Texthelp

C - Learning, i3-Technologies: Choosing the right tools to enable 21st century learning skills

Davy De Rijbel, Product Manager Learning, i3-Technologies


Lunch and Networking


Seminar Sessions D, E, F & G

SEMINAR D - Rise of the Robots?

Matt Woodruff, Data Scientist and Paul Palmer, Head of Business Development, Groupcall

E - Online Learning and Assessment: What Does the Future Hold?

Priya Lakhani OBE, Founder CEO, Century Tech

F - The Impact of Practical Science in Primary School

Janet Breeze, Year 4 teacher and Science lead at Granard Primary School and Empiribox Ltd

G - Keeping Up With Technology - Making The Student of the Future

Professor Stephen Heppell


Special Keynote: A Digital Future for Education and Skills

Bob Harrison, Education Adviser, Chair of Governors Northern College and Trustee of UfI Trust

  • Preparing our children for life in a digital world
  • The pitfalls of trying to force new digital technologies into old pedagogy
  • Enabling fresh thinking about the design, funding, delivery and regulation of teaching, learning and assessment
  • Challenging current thinking and recruiting a new cohort of "paradigm pioneers" to help schools and colleges on their journey


Preparing Children for a Life Online: Breaking Down Barriers and the Digital Divide

Stella James, Chief Executive, Gooseberry Planet

  • Demonstrating how gaming technology can effectively help children learn about internet safety
  • Highlighting the importance of involving parents in the child’s learning journey
  • Equipping teachers with a complete toolkit to effectively and confidently address the subject of E-Safety.
  • Raising the profile of E-Safety in schools
  • Engaging and educating the whole school community. 
  • Protecting and preparing children for a life online. 
  • Understanding and discussing the current threats and vulnerabilities that exist online for everyone. 
  • Reflecting upon your own online behaviours and explore practical strategies that can be used immediately to keep themselves and others safer online.
  • Managing Privacy Settings
  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc)
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Sharing Personal Information
  • Latest Apps to be aware of
  • Online Gaming
  • Monitoring a child’s internet usage
  • Advice for parents


Coffee and Networking


Special Keynote: The Future of Academies, Technology and Procurement in an Age of Change

Louise Davidson, Executive Principal, Tuxford Primary and ILRD Director, Diverse Academies Learning Partnership

  • In a world of fast pace communications and an education sector being pushed on funding and workload balance, how do Academies keep up?
  • In addition, how do we balance the pace and desire for change in Academies with the ethics and knowledge base around deteriorating mental health associated with screen technology?
  • This keynote will address the complexities facing Multi Academy Trusts from ethical purchasing and management of student access to the economies of scale in procurement and the need to attempt the future proofing of hardware by strategically managing systems and changes in the expectations of our curriculum.
  • It will explore the need for thinking differently around income generation and partnership working; for example becoming a ‘Microsoft Showcase School’, what tangible benefits does this bring?
  • Finally the discussion will end with an overview of the most recent and relevant research on technology in the independent sector.


Questions, Answers and Closing Remarks


Coffee, Networking and Close of Conference